Best laptop for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Best laptop for Euro Truck Simulator 2

If you are looking for the best laptop for Euro Truck Simulator, look no further. I had the same question, and this is how I found a really good and affordable laptop for ETS2, which allows me to play it smoothly with excellent graphics and without lag.

There’s nothing like cruising down the roads over the Alps, delivering cargo with some European radio station in the background, driving a Volvo FS Sleeper on Eúro Truck Simulator 2.

My name is Amy, and I have never been the girl into trucks until I started playing Euro Truck Simulator 2. There is something about Euro Truck Simulator that makes me love that game. Maybe it’s the relaxation after a long day of work. Perhaps it’s the perfect game pace. It never feels to slow or too fast.

One thing, I knew for sure though. I needed a new small laptop to play Euro Truck Simulator 2. My old laptop was too slow, and the frame rates on ETS2 were terrible. So I began to research different computers that would maybe work for me.

I quickly learned that a laptop for around 1000 dollars would work best for me. I am always on the move, and I am a big fan of small portable laptops. And 1000 bucks seemed like the ideal price range for a euro truck simulator laptop.

Most quality laptop for around $1000 had hardware more than capable of running ETS2 on high graphics settings. I did a lot of research and found this list of the best gaming laptop for less than $1000. It helped me to decide what laptop to pick for Euro Truck Simulator 2 at last.

So what laptop did I pick?

ETS2 screenshot

The laptop I chose was the Lenovo Legion Y520. I liked the design. And the hardware seemed to be more than enough to run euro truck simulator smoothly.

Once I got the Legion Y520, I was surprised how fast it was. The solid state drive made a huge boost on the boot times. Starting windows on the Legion Y520 compared to my old HP laptop was like night and day.

I could max the graphics and finally play it Euro Truck Simulator smoothly with good graphics. The Nvidia 1050 Ti graphics card in the Lenovo Legion Y520 also ran many other of my favorite games smoothly. I have also never experienced lag with my new laptop, so I have to say I am more than happy with my new laptop.

So if you are looking for the best laptop to play Euro Simulator 2 on, then I hope this post helped you.

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