3 excellent but often forgotten sci-fi games

3 excellent but often forgotten sci-fi games

I’m a huge fan of Sci-fi games. If you are like sci-fi games, you already know all about the classics such as Portal, Deus Ex, and Half-Life. So, instead of repeating the games you already know and love, I thought I should share 3 of my favorite sci-fi games that are excellent but often forgotten.


Anachronox screenshot

The often forgotten gem Anachronox is an older sci-fi game with a visually appealing game world, excellent music and interesting story with plenty of humor.

In Anachronox you play as Sylvester “Sly Boots” Bucelli. Sly Boots is a former detective and lives in a seedy part of the planet Anachronox. You explore Anachronox and gather many allies that will join you throughout the game. Every district of Anachronox has a unique vibe and a distinct look.

The universe is large, and the story is exciting with plenty of humor. Some may say that there are many unnecessary conversations. However, for me, the conversations are one thing that makes the game world feel so alive. I highly recommend you to check out Anachronox, to get more information check out this excellent Anachronox review.

The Dig

The Dig screenshot

The Dig was released in 1995 by LucasArts. You play as the astronaut Boston Low that is sent to nuke an asteroid but quickly notice the asteroid is not what it seems like.

The story was based on an idea of Steven Spielberg. Most LucasArts games have a presentation filled with humor. The dig tries for a more dramatic tone, and I have to say they succeeded. The story is nice, and the look and feel are that of a good, classic LucasArts game.

The music gives the game a great atmosphere, and even if the graphics are a bit grainy and dated, it has a nice and varied world. The final of the game is a bit disappointing, but overall, this is a great point and click adventure almost on the same level as other LucasArts classics such as curse of the Monkey Island.

Beneath A Steel Sky

Union City

Beneath a steel sky was released in 1994 for DOS and was developed by Revolution Software. It’s a point and click adventure that you can still play today on modern systems.

You play as Robert, a man chased by the police in a distant future. Much of the game is about trying to evade, hide and pass by police. Robert lives in Union City. Union city is portrayed in a way that it gives plenty of good commentary on society as a whole. The conversation has a lighthearted tone with plenty of humor. I find that the humor provides a good contrast to the otherwise cold game world.

The puzzles are a challenge. You will die a lot but if you know what you’re doing it won’t take too long to finish the game. Beneath a steel sky is available as freeware on GOG.com, so you could try out today.

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